Our Story

We feel, react and respond to spaces.


That's why as spatial designers we feel a sense of purpose when we create happy, positive and engaging environments.​ We are bridging the gap between aesthetic and meaningful designs. 

Our journey towards experiential interiors started a decade ago, without realising though that there is a pattern we are following. Our contemporary and minimalistic designs evoked encouraging responses, where clients associated a sense of wellbeing and higher positivity with them. ​

Today, we take a better researched and integrated approach to designs where we keep the wellness quotient at the forefront.  Be it residential space or a workspace, we are looking at creating more and more positive environments to work, live, play or recover.


The Team

Shyama Maheshwari

Founder & Design head

Divya Harish


Sushma Reddivari

Senior Designer - Residential


Senior Designer - Commercial

Nikhila Thumu

Interior Architect  

Bhupathi Jala

3D Visualiser

Bharath Reddy

Associate Project Manager


Project In-charge