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Mohammed Anwar

Project In-charge

Anwar is responsible for all the sub - contractor activities for large and medium size projects. He is particularly good at planning and scheduling work while handling a large workforce comprising of skilled and non- skilled laborers. He is a stickler for time and makes it a point that concept designs are submitted as per schedule and materials are procured in advance for ensuring timely completion of work. 


Anwar has a technical understanding of drawings and site measurements and getting work executed at the site as per the drawings issued. He has a fair  knowledge and experience of execution of electrical, plumbing, sanitary, POP, wood work. His main role is to maintain harmony,  supervise  & monitor work execution at site and coordinate with  vendors for Material procurement at site.


His strength lies in his problem solving ability and his knack of getting work done at all costs, which he has developed over years of practical experience

Its fun to watch Anwar in action with his typical Hyderabadi Accent coordinating with the team or even clients!

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