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Our Approach

We take a four component approach for transforming spaces into experiential environments. Keeping the wellness quotient at the forefront, we consciously integrate elements of psychologyaesthetics, green architecture and spatial design into our concepts.

Four Components - Seamless Integration

First, is our Minimalistic design language. We love to take the difficult route of keeping it simple but meaningful. And we love contemporary.

Second, Psycho-sensory Boosters like the color, form, texture, acoustics, aroma, light, nature etc along with catalysts like Fengshui, Spirituality and Philosophy. They evoke all the senses - touch, sight, smell and hearing and harmoniously influence the subconscious mind for enhanced physical, emotional and mental well being.

Third, we use every opportunity to merge architecture with Green Design principles, wherever possible. Sustainable, Eco-friendly and Natural - adding to the interiors' experiential quotient.

And fourth - Spatial design. Planning for Functionality, Differentiation, feasibility and Relativity of spaces. 

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