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Villa 688


Vimal & Pooja Agarwal


Road no 33, Jubilee Hills


10000 sq.feet

Year of Completion


Photo Credit

Ishita Sitwala

Vimal & Pooja approached us to renovate their living area. They wanted their space to look open and spacious in a contemporary way and when we walked into the space we knew exactly what to do.

As a first step, we replaced the grills and wooden divides in the living room with fixed clear glass to allow natural light. This added the necessary element of openness to make the space look bigger and brighter. Adding a neutral color pallet, organic accents, and custom furniture with clean lines and soft textures, we provided a calming atmosphere that highlights the modern and minimal design of the space.


Playful yellow accents for monochromatic floor, a mint green wall to compliment the room, a classic-cyan sofa in velvet, the warmth of select chandelier and the pop of a brass furniture, best describes the design language we chose for this space. 

Design Credit

Shyama with Nikhila & Raghu


Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

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