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Senior Designer - Commercial 

Mubeen has been in the field of interiors for close to fifteen years and specialises in designing commercial spaces, especially in the wellness sector and corporate spaces. He has a major role to play in designing the Apollo Medskills project.


Having a sound understanding of the technical aspects of commercial designs, he is good at space planning and distribution based on the clients requirements and functionality. He seamlessly integrates design concepts with technical drawings and knows how to explain them to vendors and sub-contractor to ensure desired results. 


We love his hands-on approach and ability to stay as the main point of coordination between suppliers, engineers, subcontractors and the project coordinator at all the stages of the project from initiation to handing over. This includes monitoring and religiously following up on all expected variations and ensure that the agreed design is followed across all stages by everyone involved.

Mubeen loves cricket and travelling to new places.



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