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design stories Global Collaboration (dsGC)

We are looking for interior designers from different parts of the world to collaborate with us for developing concepts. If your design language reflects minimalism and you love to design cohesive, ambient and harmonious spaces, this is your platform. Apply to collaborate with us.

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If it excites you to conceptualise meaningful designs for an emerging India market, share your work portfolio that best defines your design language. If it’s the right match for our projects, we will invite you to collaborate with our in-house team and develop concepts for live projects. Whats more, you get to feature on our page dedicated to our dsGC partners!


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What is dsGC?


dsGC is our take on the future of Interior design. At design stories  we see a future in sustainable interior designs that reflect experiential living  bringing about a perfect harmony between the space, its design elements and the people who are occupying it.

We see India today seeing value in our approach to build environments guided by green design, color, aroma/sound psychology.


We believe this is the right time to bring in fresh concepts  from othe design hubs of the world. dsGC was thus born out of the need to identify and collaborate with creative minds at a global level for interesting combinations  of creativity and purpose.


design stories Global Collaboration (dsGC)

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