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The design stories Global Connect (dsGC)

We see future in Collaboration. 

We find that the Indian Clients are now ready for new perspectives and are looking for a mature and international design language. We believe this is the right time to offer interesting design ideas from other parts of the world. The best way to do that is to identify and collaborate with creative minds on a global level.

We invite collaborators from all parts of the world share their work portfolio at the design stories Global Connect. If we identify design languages that are interesting and distinct, we on-board them as our dsGC partners and showcase their work and profile on our website. Whenever there is a right match between what a space demands and their design language, they work with our in-house team to understand the requirements to conceptualize and develop designs.  


dsGC Partners.

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John Doe

dsGC Consultant


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Michelle Williams

dsGC furniture designer


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Nikhila Thumu


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Raghu Varma

Project Coordinator

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