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Individually we can make a difference, but together we can create change.

Come collaborate with us for Live Projects and get to work with a strong in-house team. If your concepts are good, you could even get featured on our projects page.

design stories Global Connect (dsGC)


We are constantly seeking new talents who can join us in our journey of creating experiential environments in India. Minimalistic, Contemporary and Modern design language that adds to the experiential quotient when it is blended elements of psychology and principles of green architecture.

India is a huge infrastructural opportunity today and the Indian clients are now ready for a mature international design language. We find that it is the best time to collaborate for experiential design ideas from different parts of the world. 

We have the following key roles in mind, for collaboration. If interested send a mail at

 along with your CV or link to your online portfolio.

interior design lighting designer.jpg
Lighting designer
interior design landscape.jpg
Landscape designer
interior design blank hall.jpg
Interior designer
Modern Interior Design
Furniture designer
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