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Sushma Reddivari

She is our Ms. Dependable and heads the design team . Seeking continual professional development, she can slip into any role during a crisis and she will handle it like a pro.

She gathers quick clarity on the project requirements which she passes on to the team while working on drawings, models, images, material or mood boards.  Sushma brings in fresh ideas and has a well developed eye for scale and balance. She knows what design elements fit the space for maximum impact.

With minimum inputs from the design head,Sushma takes responsibility for design development and supervision there-after. She goes that extra mile to meet deadlines  and doesn’t crumble under pressure.


She is soft spoken and has great interpersonal skills. This comes handy when she liaises with different team members while coordinating for a project. Her understanding of financial aspects while  running a design project on time and on budget paves way for her quick growth in the company.

Sushma is a graduate in civil engineering and has a post graduate diploma in Interior Design.

She  is an excellent cook and we love the smoothie breaks we take when she is in a good mood inside the pantry.

Senior Designer
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