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Rebecca King

Interior Designer | dsGC partner 

Rebecca is an Interior Designer with an extensive background in commercial, hospitality and workplace design with experience designing innovative, original and often high-end hotels, bars, restaurants, public areas, residences and offices. She combines her wealth of knowledge with an eye for beautiful design bringing creative flair to any new design challenges. She is a meticulous creative with strong conceptual skills, trend awareness and a passion for elegantly detailed projects of the highest standard. Working closely with the client and team members she is able to achieve eye catching designs whilst providing pragmatic solutions.


Rebecca holds a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design and a Masters Degree in Architecture and Urbanism. With over 4 years experience working in the architecture and design sector in the UK she has spent the last 2 years further afield working in Mexico, France and Spain. She currently resides in Barcelona.

The Palace Hotel

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Gals & Pals

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Lost Soles

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Running Suits

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